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You’re never too young to start taking care of the very delicate skin around your eyes. But the question is, do you really need a separate eye cream just to use around your eye area?

That’s a good question. While you probably already have a great skincare regime,adding a good eye cream is a great idea, and paying special attention to the eye area will pay dividends over the long haul. You’ve probably noticed the skin surrounding your eyes is the most fragile skin on your face. This means it’s prone to dryness, noticeable fatigue, and–you guessed it – signs of aging.

Many things can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Squinting, constant movement, and even fluids that collect under the eyes can cause puffiness and dark circles. Extra moisturizing can help correct some of these issues, and become your new best friend in the meantime!

What’s In A Cream?
Eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. These creams tend to be thicker than your normal moisturizer, and contain more oil as well. Most eye creams contain active ingredients that target the problem areas you may have around your eyes. For instance, our Elena Beauté Eysé Cream has a glycerin and silk protein base which acts as a natural water absorbent that helps the skin retain moisture. While glycerin and silk proteins work together to retain moisture, the aloe vera sinks deep into your pores, moisturizing the delicate skin around your eyes. The other ingredients are specially selected to provide the richest moisturizer and antioxidant support for the delicate tissue.

Why Eye Cream Is Essential, No Matter Your Age
Got dry skin? Don’t worry, it’s fairly common, especially in the drying heated months of winter – as well as the drying summer months. The skin surrounding the eye is some of the driest skin of your entire complexion because the thin skin area lacks oil glans. Regularly applying makeup like concealer and foundation can dehydrate this delicate skin even further, especially if you haven’t moisturized first. Applying a hydrating eye cream is a great beginner, because moisturizing this area will help to keep it rejuvenated.

If you deal with dark circles, an eye cream can also help with balancing the health of the tissue. Whether the dark circles are a residual of exhaustion, poor diet, or even even genetics, an eye cream can give your skin the added nutrients that it needs to be healthier and stronger.

Puffiness is another common issue that affects the skin under our eyes. This is most likely caused by retained fluid. Contributing factors can range from a salty diet, the way you sleep, and, again, genetics.

Delicately massaging the area can move the fluid, and pairing a light massage with the proper eye cream can help reduce overall puffiness.

If you’re primarily concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, avoiding UV exposure is your first defense. Your second defense, of course, is moisturizing and hydrating your skin with an eye cream that contains collagen-boosting ingredients.

You can repair and potentially even reverse signs of skin aging by developing a thorough skincare routine – that includes a good facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and of course proper SPF protection.

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