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When Should You Start Thinking About Aging Skin?

Keeping skin youthful gets trickier by the year. Did you know it’s best to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging as early as your 20s? Find out which skincare products you should be using in each decade of life.

So maybe you didn’t use sunscreen quite as often as you should have. Or maybe you still aren’t protecting your skin now that you’re in your 40s. If you are seeing lines, wrinkles, brown spots, sagging, or discoloration, you may be using the wrong skincare. Antioxidants, sunscreens, preventative skincare treatments, even bizarre skincare treatments are all part of the youthful skin movement. But which actually work to prevent aging and which help to repair the damage done?habits-that-age-you-400x400

Of course, lifestyle plays a huge role in how our skin ages. Smoking, too much sugar and alcohol, not enough exercise or sleep, and chronic stress all seem to bring on premature skin aging. Healthy diet, plenty of fresh air, a workout routine you like, and stress management are good places to start.

Now, let’s take a look at your skincare. Are you using the same products in your 30s or 40s (or 50s) that you used in your 20s? Does your skincare provide supportive benefits with nurturing ingredients? And are you using your products the right way? All things to consider when working on this whole gravity defying issue.

If you are tired of wondering what to do about those signs of skin aging or if you are doing enough to prevent them, find out what you should be using for your age.

The Best Gravity Defying Skincare Products for Every Age

In Your 20s: You won’t be surprised that the most important thing you can do, skincare-wise, to ward off signs of aging is to protect your skin from UV damage. The easiest way to do this? Start with smooth, clear skin and a good moisturizer. Buy the best set that you can afford to get the jump on aging. We recommend Elena Beaué Box, which contains our very finest product assortment.

Antioxidants support skin and fight free radical damage, which shows up as wrinkles, spots, and even skin cancer. Daily use of a serum with age defying ingredients will keep skin looking its best.

In Your 30s: This is the ideal time to ramp up moisture. Fruit oils are lightly hydrating without being greasy, and help to keep skin plump and firm. Pat a fruit oil blend over moisturizer nightly to prevent moisture loss and keep skin looking youthful.

You may also start to see slight sun damage at this point. There’s still time to reverse discoloration. Sweet Almond oil is good for lightening spots and grapefruit oil is a winner for giving skin a healthy glow. Try a tone correction treatment with these ingredients. You’ll love our Elena Beauté Eyse to lighten dark under eye circles.

In Your 40s: Does it seem you are exfoliating all the time? Uneven skin texture crops up in this decade. To keep from damaging skin, steer clear of granular exfoliants and opt for a fine oil serum instead. They do the work without the friction. EB Gold Moisturizer is the perfect skin smoothing serum, balanced for any age.

In your 50s: Moisture is the name of the game in your 50s. Creamy cleansers, oil serums, thicker moisturizers all help to maintain firmness and a youthful look. Try adding a specially balanced neck cream to erase those tell-tale signs forming around the neck and decollete, designed to deliver maximum hydration. Our EB Affirmé will give your neck moisture and firming strength.

A few strategic gravity defying products will keep your skin looking its best now and for years to come. And remember, sunscreen is important no matter what your age.

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