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Tip 1: Know Your Skin Type 

Oily skin doesn’t need the same care that dry skin needs, and combination skin has a different set of needs. You’ll want to choose our products based on your skin type.

Tip 2: Your Face Has Fragile Areas That Require a Delicate Touch

The areas around your eyes, nose and lips all have delicate tissue that require special attention. Those areas tend to show age a little sooner than the rest of your face if we don’t moisturize properly.

Tip 3: Always Cleanse Gently

Taking care of sensitive skin begins with make-up removal. Use a pH-neutral make-up remover so that you don’t stress your skin. Look for a cleanser that doesn’t include harsh chemicals.

Tip 4: The Eyes Are A High Risk Area

The delicate skin around the eyes is easily stretched, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s essential to moisturize and use a product especially designed for the eye area.

Tip 5: Exfoliation Is Key

Your skin is constantly regenerating new cells. In order to keep it healthy you should exfoliate the old cells one or twice a week. This gives your skin a healthy glow and prevents dryness.

Tip 6: Go For Moisture

Your skin contains about 64% water, so it’s essential that you stay hydrated on the inside and outside. Drinking 8-10 8 ounce glasses of water a day keeps the body’s ph balanced. Using a rich moisturizer provides an exterior barrier that keeps the skin from loosing moisture.

Tip 7: Choose The Right Make-Up

There are literally thousands of make-up brands on the market. Find the right one for your skin type can be a mission.  Seek the advice of an expert who is trained in aesthetics. The right make-up can improve your skin and camouflage problem areas.

Tip 8: Always Use SPF

The more we learn about sun damage, the more protection we recommend. Choosing products with build in SPF is always a good idea.

Tip 9: Reduce The Stress

I often tell patients that I can read their stress levels by looking at their skin. If you are overloaded with stress, it’s time to reduce! Talk it out, take a vacation, make some changes – but kick the stress habit.

Tip 10: Pucker Up Those Beautiful Lips

Women often feel the first signs of aging around their lips. The fine lines start to show, or fuller lips begin to thin. A lip cream can help the delicate area and sometimes a little lip filler can do the trick.

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