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EssentialOils-1024x681Cosmetic sales associates around the country have noticed an increase in the number of people asking for all natural skincare solutions.  That only makes sense when you think about the nature of the business. Doctors advise women to stop using certain chemicals during their pregnancy, so it only makes sense that many women start thinking about what they are putting on their skin and turn to alternative beauty products.

When patients are undergoing a harsh treatment that makes their immune system vulnerable, like chemotherapy, they are generally encouraged to stay clear of toxins in their creams and soaps. Research shows that over 90% of cancers are caused by lifestyle factors, including pollutants in products. Sometimes that is the first time patients realize that chemicals in their skin care are carcinogenic.

“We often have patients ask if their skincare products are dangerous. We’ll help them take a look at the ingredients and make suggestions on how they can eliminate ingredients that may not work with their medical treatments”, says Dr. Victoria Johnson, who founded the Elena Beauté skincare line.

Natural beauty techniques have existed since the dawn of civilization, but over the last half century, they’ve been eclipsed by big pharmaceutical companies and conglomerates—from Johnson & Johnson to Estee Lauder—that manufacture ingredients in labs. You might have come across the occasional bottle of natural soap or shampoo in a health food store, but until five years ago, few had managed to break into the mainstream. Clean brands like Beautycounter, Bite Beauty, Juice Beauty, and Elena Beauté are now gaining traction.

Johnson says that more and more customers are asking for all-natural “clean” products. Her line focuses on bringing the very best skincare for women and men of all ages. She says that customers are most concerned that giving up the “expensive store stuff” might cause them to lose some of their anti-aging properties. That idea doesn’t necessarily hold true.

“There really isn’t any reason to worry about losing your anti-aging care. Nature gave us beautiful essential oils that stimulate new skin production and collagen. That’s why patients love our Gold Serum! It’s perfect for anti-aging and works with laser procedures to soothe and restore. Using these oils and essentials could give you the same results that you might pay for the most expensive boutique products. We love talking with our patients about their best options and providing solutions that meet their care needs”, says Dr. Victoria Johnson.

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