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I don’t think you need me to tell you the importance of taking care of your skin. It’s practically drilled into our brains by now that taking proper care of your skin is just as crucial as exercising, eating a balanced diet, and caring for you hair, but with all the articles written about it, it’s kind of hard to decipher between what you absolutely need to do, and what you do occasionally, and what’s just hype. So let’s try to make some sense out of the madness and simplify into what you really should be doing for your skin on a daily basis.

Everyone has a different skin type with different concerns: acne, aging, sun damage, oily, dry, “combination” (something I’ll never understand — how can your skin be both oily and dry I mean really), the list is endless. Depending on skin type and goals, there’s definitely going to be variance in skincare routines. For example, a teen who is fighting acne doesn’t need to follow the same routine as a 45-year-old who is combating wrinkles. I think that one goes without saying.

However, there are a few things that everyone, regardless of age or skin type, should do for their skin on a daily basis. And skin doesn’t just mean the skin on your face. We’re talking head to toe, ladies and gents.

  1. Drink Water

Hydrating you skin is probably the number one most important think you need to worry about. First off, dry skin shows wrinkles way more, but hydration will also help with breakouts. Don’t worry about sticking to a certain number of ounces, just drink as much as you can!

  1. Eat your omega-3’s

Healthy omega-3 fats found in salmon, nuts and flaxseed can boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, and help your skin (no just your face, your legs, arms, etc, too) look soft and “glowing”

  1. Cleanse
EB foaming

Make sure you cleanse your face at least once a day to get rid of dirt buildup and pollutants. My all-time favorite is the Elena Beauté Foaming Facial Cleanser, the rich lather leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean.

  1. Always Take Off Your Makeup

ALWAYS. Do NOT sleep in your makeup. It’s a sure fire way to cause breakouts.

  1. Moisturize- Day AND Night

They goes back to hydration. Drinking water isn’t the only thing you have to do to keep your skin extra hydrated, you also need to moisturize day and night. What type of moisturizer you use is up to your skin type, but definitely put something on your face and body. Pay special attention to the spots that get extra dry, like your elbows and ankles.

  1. Slather on the Sunscreen

I think you’d know this one without me telling you, but sun protection is important for SO many reasons (aging, skin cancer, hydration, etc). But don’t be fooled into thinking sun screen is only necessary on your face. If you’re laying out in the sun, it goes without saying- put it all over your body, but if you’re just out and about, make sure you also put it on your chest, neck and the back of your hands, as they are more sensitive and need the protection.


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